Fly & Drive Lelystad

FST Flight Incentives and Prodrive will offer you a challenging and competitive program in which the fly and drive form the basis for an unforgettable day. By Fly & amp; Drive you are the boss in the air and the king of the road. Fly & amp; Drive combines a flying lesson in a single-engine airplane with a driving style training Prodrive.

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Ready for Take off ….!
You have probably ever dreamed to be a pilot, but you are not grown.

Now it’s your chance to own to handle the controls in a single-engine plane.

Along with two fellow passengers you get a flying lesson, while you can control the aircraft and is supported by one of the experienced pilots of FST. For all participants the chance to fly itself be made stopovers to exchange pilot.

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Ready to Ride ….!
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The various programs are made up of a number of educational elements of the training course and a number of exciting and sporty elements such as a slalom competition or drifting.

On the ground, you will be accompanied by experienced instructors from Prodrive training.
At Prodrive training you can choose from three programs:

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