Boek nu 'Vergaderen en vliegen'

Meetings and fly

 Meeting Room Flight Simulator training has been more than 40 years, a training center for professional pilots, but is now open to anyone who wants to fly again and special meeting location .

Our VIP room is perfectly suited to meet the dynamic atmosphere of Schiphol Airport and easily accessible by the central location. meet half a day, lunch and flying lessons.

After lunch you will receive a briefing from a professional instructor. Then you fly in one of our flight simulators (with the visual system). Everyone flies a half hour one quarter as captain and a quarter as copilot. At the end of the fly sessions everyone gets a certificate in memory.

The prices are for groups of at least 6 participants. You can meet at FST with 14 people. For groups of 15 other venues available in the nearby area. The cost for this package is € 89,50 per person (VAT excl.)


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  • 4 hour meeting including coffee / tea and water
  • Lunch of pastries, fruit, milk, orange juice, coffee and tea
  • Fly on the flight simulator
  • Certificates by name in memory. [/ List]


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      • A Captain's Borrel - Price: € 11.95 p.p .
      • Real flying a Diamond DA40 TDI - Price: from € 299.00 per plane . [/ List]


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  • Steigenberger Airport Hotel Amsterdam
  • Restaurant De Jonge Dikkert
  • Café Restaurant Abina
  • Restaurant Wings Old Tower [/ List]