Fly without fear

There are many people with fear of flying, but many people do not even dare to take this step, so therefore beautiful gift to a friend or employee? FST is already 42 years a training center for professional pilots, but is now open to anyone who wants to know everything from fly or to fly itself.

You can call for a the office at 020-40 50 120 for more information, please ask for the Rami Lieme.

Due to popular demand FST offers half day training “fly without fear”.

Our pilot tells you all about the aircraft and the safety procedures required internationally.
He will answer all your questions and we are working on your ability to reinvent your belief and investigate.
The course gives you the handles itself dispel the fear.
The cost for this course p.p. 395,00 incl. VAT.
Includes refreshments and a light lunch.

The session lasts about 4.5 hours including flying the Boeing 737 flight simulator.

no longer put off …………… and register now!
To sign up:

Tell us your phobia and goal to participate in the training.
The course lasts 4.5 hours and includes information about the online course “the four questions,” and a session fly in the Boeing 737 flight simulator,

The course will be given by max. Four participants tender, so there will be plenty of individual attention to each participant. From experience we know that 98% of participants with successful outcome follows the course. But if you are not completely satisfied we will give you a second session 50% off .

You will also receive information on “four questions” to the work of Byron Katie. If you do this online course you will come to understand that beliefs are the cause of all the uncomfortable feelings. With the knowledge you have gained during your interactive course at FST, working with The Work will let you see what can be terminated any discomfort.